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Memory Care and Brain Integration in Colorado Springs.

Also offering Supported Living Services to children & adults with developmental disabilities.

A Cognitive Connection's day program H.E.R.O.E.S offers elite supported living services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Funding is provided through an HCBS Medicaid Waiver or on a self-pay basis. Services offered include SCC, Community Connector (CES), Respite, Personal Care, Mentorship, & Basic/Enhanced Homemaker. 

A Cognitive Connection utilizes Cognitive Behavioral (talk) therapy in conjunction with technology, as well as music, and a multi-sensory approach to evaluate and explore how thought, and how the brain processes thought, influences our feelings, so we can change our behaviors. 


We incorporate a multi-modality approach to cognitive and behavioral services. Our trained counselors are certified providers of cutting-edge, scientifically proven methods to support true brain-based changes in our clients. These services can be provided in the client's home, in a community-based setting or in the clinic as needed to best fit the needs of the service being offered.


A Cognitive Connection utilizes multiple modalities like The Listening Program Music Therapy, preferential specialized music to encourage memory, Brain Builder Software system, and Interactive Metronome Rhythm training.


This can be used with children, adults, and seniors to improve visual and auditory processing skills, focus, memory, self-worth, negative thought, poor school and work performance, personal development, and relationships.


As one of the leading local businesses in the Colorado Springs area, we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that.

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A Cognitive Connection is here for you.


We offer services through self-pay options on a sliding scale. We also offer in-house-financing to spread out payments. The only insurance we take is the Medicaid Waiver. 

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We work hand in hand with you on an individualized basis to help brain-related issues to help with better focus, concentration, memory, attention, learning, visual and auditory processing and many more.

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Through individualized and group classes, we can teach you how to enforce discipline in the household through loving techniques to reduce the chaos of life.

We can set up a home, school and community plan specific to your child or adult with behavioral needs to improve frustration levels, anger management skills, family issues, and school/community success.

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At A Cognitive Connection, we can perform certain assessments needed for special need’s qualifications and figure out what your strong and weak points are to try to help train those specific areas of your brain.

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Accommodations and modifications will be designed and implemented for your child’s success in all Colorado core subjects and many more.

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