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BEMER stands for Bio-Electromagnetic-Energy-Regulation mat and is an FDA class 1 medical device that uses a pulsed electromagnetic field to deliver a patented pulse that helps to increase circulation in our small blood vessels (capillaries) that make up 74% of our circulation.   


Having been featured in over 50 medical publications around the world BEMER's patented configured signal has been scientifically proven to positively influence the way blood flows through the smallest blood vessels in your body, allowing the body to produce amazing benefits. This increased blood flow helps the body perform optimally. When you increase circulation, you enhance the delivery of nutrients, red and white blood cells and oxygen to those cells. Metabolic waste products (toxins) are removed more efficiently, which can build stronger tissue, and increase the rate of cell performance.


BEMER takes just 8 minutes twice per day to enhance the body's performance of its vital functions. 


BEMER Enhances:

  • General Blood Flow

  • The Body's Nutrient & Oxygen Supply and Waste Disposal

  • Cardiac Function

  • Physical Fitness, Endurance, Strength, & Energy

  • Concentration, Mental Acuity, Stress Reduction, & Relaxation

  • Sleep Management


Enhanced Nutrient Delivery & Waste Disposal

BEMER has been scientifically proven to enhance specific characteristics of blood flow, ensuring that the cells of your body receive the oxygen and nutrients they need to metabolize correctly. Your body is composed of billions of cells, with each cell performing an average of 4 million chemical reactions per second. each one of these cells requires a consistent supply of oxygen and nutrients to perform their life-giving metabolic functions. BEMER's patented signal optimizes our smallest blood vessels, enabling the re-normalization of blood flow.  As a result, the body's cells are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients and are able to perform their various functions much more effectively. 


Increased Endurance, Strength, & Energy

Whether you are aiming to enhance your workouts or improve your quality of life, numerous publications, and scientific studies have demonstrated BEMER's ability to boost overall performance and reduce discomfort. World-class athletes such as 5-time World Cup ski champion Marc Girardelli have been using the BEMER for years and various professional sports organizations around the world are starting to discover BEMER as a tool to boost their player's performance. 


Improved Sleep Mangement

It has been demonstrated that the use of BEMER technology enables significant improvement in sleep management. An assessment of the various sleep studies used in The Jenkins scale revealed that two-thirds of users reported they were able to sleep better. BEMER has particularly been shown to improve the user's ability to sleep and stay asleep while supporting the body's key regenerative processes during the rest phase. Sixty percent of all users also experienced significant improvement in their quality of life after just six weeks of using the BEMER.


With the world moving at such a fast pace, humans must adapt to the stress and physical demands of everyday life. Prolonged sitting, inactivity and poor eating habits all contribute to an unhealthy body. 


Following a 6-week basic program is best for most people because as the intensity increases each week, a different layer of tissue is affected. Intensity 1 and 2 address the superficial layers of tissue, which can create a relaxing effect, while levels 3-5 will affect more dense tissues such as muscles, and intensity 6-10 affects high-density tissue such as bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. Most clients do not feel anything during a BEMER session since the technology affects the body at a cellular level. 


The system is equipped with a pad in which the client lays on typically for 8-20 minutes. BEMER has accessories that can be placed around or muscles and joints that are causing you discomfort. Drinking plenty of water is advised, so your cells can be more efficient in delivering nutrients and filtering out waste products.


BEMER is 100% safe and can be used daily with total confidence regardless of your age. Bemer provides a safe non-invasive alternative to increasing cell performance. 




BEMER technology can also be used on pets! BEMER international is collaborating with NASA to develop a spacesuit utilizing the BEMER technology. 



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