We offer services through self-pay options on a sliding scale.

We also offer in-house-financing to spread out payments.

The only insurance we take is the Medicaid Waiver. 

Cognitive Brain Training

Utilizing The Listening Program®, Brain Builder®, and Interactive Metronome® training, we can reorganize and rebuild neural pathways in order to synchronize the brain to better overall functioning and performance.


BrainBuilder® is a computer-based training program that is designed to assess and build auditory and visual sequential processing abilities. With as little as ten minutes of daily mental exercise, powerful gains can be made in short-term memory and thinking skills. In an intensive series of adaptive, interactive exercises, BrainBuilder trains the brain to expand its ability to sequentially process auditory and visual information. Sequential processing is fundamental to all learning activities, communication, social interaction and higher-order cognitive functions. 

Behavioral Assessment

Through observation, interview of direct staff and family members, functional behavioral analysis and assessment, to include but not limited to, Behavior  Assessment, System for children, Survey of Reinforcers, Behavior Dimensions Scales, CPNI Behavior Inventory, a Differential test of conduct and emotional problems, Motivation Assessment, Conner's rating scales, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Test, Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale, Adult and Pediatric Functional Behavioral Assessment. 


Cognitive and educational evaluations include Brain Builder cognitive assessment, Woodcock-Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities, Children's Category Test, Math skill assessments, Reading skill, Comprehension and fluency assessments, and Learning Accomplishment profiles with a completion of a written assessment document or evaluation report.  

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Behavioral Individual / Group Counseling 

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Psychotherapeutic or psychoeducational intervention related to the developmental disability in order for the individual to acquire or maintain appropriate adaptive behaviors, interactions with others and behavioral self-management, to positively impact the individual's behavior or functioning.


Counseling is provided in an individual or group setting and may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Systematic Desensitization, Anger management, Biofeedback (LENS therapy-Low Energy Neuro-feedback System), Social skill development, Music therapy (The Listening Program), Rhythm training (Metronome system) and/or Relaxation therapy (breathing techniques, meditation, or tapping exercises, as well as pulsed electromagnetic  frequency therapy).   

Behavioral Consultation

Consultation and recommendation for behavioral interventions and development of behavioral support plans that are related to the individual's developmental disability and are necessary for the individual to acquire or maintain appropriate adaptive behaviors, interactions with others and behavioral self-management.


Intervention modalities relate to an identified challenging behavioral need of the individual. Specific goals and procedures for the service are established. Individuals with co-occurring diagnoses of DD and Medicaid covered mental health conditions have identified needs met by each of the appropriate systems without duplication but with coordination by the behavioral services professional to obtain the best outcome for the individual. 

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Parenting Classes

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We offer group and individual support for parents or caregivers. Carol is a certified facilitator for the Love & Logic programs. We can help you find out your parenting style, work on easing the stress of discipline and bring the peace back in the household.


Love & Logic® is a tool for making parenting and teaching fun and rewarding. The class will provide practical tools for adults to use with children to be able to have respectful, healthy relationships.

Individualized Educational Tutoring

Our staff is highly trained in all general and special educational needs with certifications in reading intervention, math support, and all Colorado Core subjects.


Accommodations and modifications will be designed and implemented for your student's success.


We take into consideration all IEP goals and objectives and can report for quarterly progress.

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Cognitive/Social Skills Classes

cognitive social skills classes colorado springs

We offer a variety of cognitive/social skills classes to improve building good relationships with other people which can reduce stress and anxiety in your life. Improving social support is linked to better mental health in general.


Our services range from building social skills in children through lego classes or escape rooms. 


Additionally, we provide cognitive skills classes for court-ordered cases which include anger management, conflict resolution, parenting/domestic issues, and cognitive behavioral therapy.



Additional Services Offered By H.E.R.O.E.S Program

Supported Community Connections (SLS, DD, CES)

H.E.R.O.E.S Day Program is for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities requiring support in the community.


Trained and qualified service providers will offer support to individuals with their abilities and skills to enable the individual to access the community and/or provide the basis for building skills that will assist the individual to access the community.


Services include socialization, adaptive skills, personnel to accompany and support the individual in all types of community settings, supplies and providing the necessary resources for participation in activities and functions in the community.  


Structured activities are chosen around health and physical wellness, encouraging participation, and promoting healthy habits of exercise and creativity. The people we serve cultivate friendships while learning how to access other public resources such as museums, libraries, and government buildings.


Community Connector (CES)

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In order to provide opportunities for clients to interact with individuals without disabilities, providers will support integrations into their residential communities and provide access to naturally occurring resources.


These services support the abilities and skills necessary to enable the client to access typical activities and functions of community life. This is also an opportunity for the client to build relationships and natural support in the client's residential community.


Community Connector services will be provided in the community and not at the home of the individual receiving services and will be offered as needed and requested by the client.

Respite Services

Respite includes supervision services provided to individuals on a short-term basis to provide a break for their regular caregiver, or because their regular caregiver is not available.


Respite can be provided in an individual's home, the provider's home, or a State-approved facility. This service does not include a hands-on supervision approach in which a licensed care provider will be needed to meet medical needs. 

Pre-Vocational Services

pre vocational services colorado springs

Pre-vocational services are designed to assist individuals with developmental disabilities in acquiring and maintaining work habits and work-related skills. Pre-vocational services through H.E.R.O.E.S are intended to have a more generalized result as opposed to vocational training for a specific job. These services will be offered at either the base office site in Colorado Springs or out in approved community business locations.    


Services encompass the following types of work-related activities:

teaching individuals such concepts as following directions, attending to task, task completion, communication, decision-making, and problem-solving, training in areas of safety, self-advocacy, and mobility.

Homemaker Services

Homemaker services are general household activities provided by a H.E.R.O.E.S staff member in the home of the person we serve to maintain a healthy and safe home environment when the person ordinarily responsible for these activities is absent or unable to manage these tasks.


Covered benefits shall be for the benefit of the member and not the benefit of other persons living in the home. Services shall be applied only to the permanent living space of the member. 


Services may include routine light housecleaning, such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning bathroom & kitchen area, meal preparation, dishwashing, bed making, laundry, and shopping. 

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Mentorship activities, such as assistance and person-specific training associated with providing unique supported living services to an individual, such as training in child and infant care for parent(s) who themselves have a developmental disability. 


Supported living consultation includes assistance with decision making, planning daily activities, understanding complicated medical issues, interviewing potential service providers, and direct assistance to access community resources.     

Personal Care Services

Personal Assistance services provide necessary personnel and support to meet the daily living needs of the person we serve. These services are provided to ensure adequate functioning in the person's own home, someone else's home, or in the home of their natural or adoptive family. 


Services may include support or training with a wide range of activities necessary to meet the daily living needs of the person in the home and community including personal care, such as hygiene, bathing, eating, dressing, grooming, bowel & bladder care, menstrual care, transferring, supervision, or basic first aid. 

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