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Quick & Easy Preventative Interventions For Teachers

Highly effective teachers know how to stop most disruptions without having to stop their instruction. They achieve this by using a variety of small yet powerful techniques. Listed below are just a few examples:

  • Build positive relationships immediately

  • Look at the misbehaving student, smile, and shake your head, indicating, NO

  • Use projection technology instead of whiteboards, so that your back is not turned from your students

  • Wander toward the location of the disruption as you continue teaching. Body proximity is a valuable intervention.

  • Call on the misbehaving student with a question what will make him feel valued.

  • Send the student on a ‘therapeutic errand.’ (To redirect the energy)

  • Stand very close to the misbehaving student and continue teaching.

  • Stop very briefly and whisper something to the student like, “Can you save that for later?, thanks.”

  • Hand the student a small note that states, “Please stop talking. Thanks! ☺”

  • Teach with plenty of incomplete sentences and questions to keep the students engaged.

  • Give each of your students responsibility for teaching a part of the lesson.

  • While continuing to teach, place your hand gently on the student’s shoulder.

  • Use enforceable statements (ex: “I allow student to stay with the group when they are not causing a problem.")

*Taken from The Love and Logic Institute, Inc. for more information visit www.loveandlogic.com